This Book Does Not Exist

This Book Does Not Exist is a project using Generative Adversial Networks to generate images of book covers. It's still currently a work-in-progress so check back later.

Training Process

Generative Adversial Network

A Generative Adversial Network or GAN for short is a type of AI that uses unsupervised learning to generate images.
Essentially, a GAN has two different AI both trying to outsmart the other, the generator and the discriminator.
The generator looks at input images, which in this case were book covers, and tries to create similar images.
The discriminator looks at these images and makes an assessment as to whether the images the generator made are real or fake.
If the discriminator classifies it as fake, the generator learns and tries again, making better results each time it tries.
Eventually, it gets to a point where the generator creates an image the discriminator classifies as real.

GAN flowchart

The GAN I used for this project was StyleGAN in RunwayML.

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